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Varsity Meadowdale Away MdlHS 4:00 PM
JV Meadowdale Home MeridnPk 4:00 PM
Boys Soccer
Varsity Everett Away Lincoln 7:30 PM
  Depart: 4:05 PM    
Both JV & Varsity
JV Everett Away Lincoln 5:30 PM
Girls Golf
Varsity At Everett Away Legion 3:00 PM
Girls Tennis
Varsity Meadowdale Away MdlHS 3:30 PM
JV Meadowdale Home ShwdHS 3:30 PM

Shorewood Parents

Sep 4, 2015 12:46 PM

Advetising on the Shorewood High School Wesco Athletics Webpage is afforrdable, supports all of the SHS Athletics Programs. It reaches 100's of supporters each day.

Please contact David Willoughby - Athletics Advocate

David.Willoughby@wpanetwork.com 360.820.4451

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